Why Gozo?

  • Gozo is Malta’s secret hideaway island.
  • Our island offers mediterranean weather with picturesque scenery, lovely beaches, pristine coastline, history and traditional villages…
  • The best place for your holiday!

Reasons to Stick Around


Gozo is a very special place. Largely unknown to the outside world it has, nonetheless, attracted many people through the ages. Folklore has it that Gozo is the legendary island of Ogygia to which the nymph Calypso lured Odysseus on his return from Troy. He was held captive for seven years.



  • Little sister island of Malta – homely island with across 14km and width 7km. 
  • Mediterranean weather – sunny climate with a daily average of 12 hours of sunshine in summer and 5-6 hours in mid-winter. 
  • Picturesque scenery
  • Lovely Beaches
  • History
  • Traditional Villages
  • Local Feasts
  • Diving Destination
  • Mediterranean cuisine


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